How can I use my iPad for free as a second monitor

How can I use my iPad for free as a second monitor

How can I use my iPad for free as a second monitor: Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make use of some hidden features to help you accomplish more? What if you could use your iPad as a second display or extra monitor without needing to buy any additional hardware? That is achievable with a little tweaking. Learn how to utilize your iPad as a secondary monitor. Vibesbullet

Increasing your productivity by using your iPad as a second monitor is a terrific way to do it. Do you have any doubts? Anyone who has tried it previously can attest to its effectiveness. Because it’s a really practical and useful option, a lot of people already do it.

It’s particularly handy if you’re looking for a new secondary display and want to save money. If you bought the iPad when it was initially released, you probably spent roughly $600-$700 for the 16GB WiFi model, but you wouldn’t want to spend that much money all at once.

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How can I use my iPad for free as a second monitor?


How can I use my iPad for free as a second monitor

There are a slew of options for using an iPad as a second display, but they all come with a price tag. You’ll need an app like Air Display ($20) or Duet ($15) to wirelessly mirror your display. You’ll need an adaptor cable, like the $50 Moshi iLynx USB-to-Lightning cable, to hardwire your tablet to your Mac.

This is precisely what we’re looking for: it allows us to utilize our tablet as a second display without spending any further money. The following is how it works:

Step 1: On your Mac or PC, download and install the Air Display app.The app is $9.99, but you can test it out for 15 days for free.

Step 2: Download and install the Air Display Host app on your iPad (it’s free).

Step 3: Connect to the same Wi-Fi network that your iPad and PC are on.

Step 4: On your iPad, open the Air Display host and input the passcode from the Air Display app on your PC. This will link the two devices together.

Note: If this does not work, you may need to enable inbound connections on port 5000 in your firewall or router settings. For further information, go to this page.

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Step 5: From the menu in Air Display that appears on your computer screen, choose “Extend desktop.” Your iPad’s screen will now function as an extension of your computer’s!

You may experiment with a variety of settings here, including mirroring, orientation, and display resolution (you can go higher than 1024 x 768 if you like), so have a look.


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