How To Clean Your iPhone Speakers For Better Sound Quality

How To Clean Your iPhone Speakers

Did you know that you could clean your iPhone speakers to improve their sound quality? That’s right, even though most people don’t realize it, the speakers on your iPhone get caked in lint and dust. If these particles are left there, they can interfere with the sound coming out of the speakers. The great news is that you can clean them yourself in under three minutes. VB TECH

The iPhone is built to the highest standards, and it’s a pretty reliable device, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make it even better. One of Apple’s more annoying design choices with the iPhone is the speaker placement.


The iPhone has stereo speakers at the bottom of the device. This makes sense for watching videos and playing games, but it means that when you are holding your phone in landscape mode, your hand can block one or both speakers.


However, when using your phone in portrait mode, your hand can cover both speakers at once. This is particularly problematic when talking on speakerphone because you’re likely to hold the phone near your face. And it will sound muffled.


So what can you do about this? Well, Apple doesn’t offer any kind of easy fix for this problem in iOS itself (as an option to swap which speaker plays audio, etc.), but there is another way to get better sound quality in iOS: cleaning your speakers.


Dust and debris accumulate inside the speaker grilles of every iPhone over time. It’s not always noticeable; sometimes it’s just a small amount of junk that isn’t affecting the audio quality much at all.


But it’s worth cleaning out anyway if you want your phone to always sound loud and clear. Follow these simple steps to make your iPhone speaker sound better.

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How To Clean Your iPhone Speakers
How To Clean Your iPhone Speakers

The Tools Needed to Clean Your iPhone Speakers


You’ve probably noticed that your iPhone speakers are not nearly as loud as you’d like them to be. But the good news is that you can clean them out, which can improve the sound quality and make your phone’s speakers sound louder.

There are three ways to clean out the iPhone speaker grills to help your speakers perform better:


Use compressed air


The iPhone is a very powerful piece of technology. It can be a phone, a calendar, a camera, a computer, and much more. One of the most powerful features of the iPhone is its ability to play music. It may surprise you to learn that using compressed air is an extremely effective way to clean your iPhone speakers for better sound quality.


You may think that compressed air is only good for cleaning computers, but it works quite well on iPhones too.


The reason why compressed air works so well on iPhones is that it has the ability to get into all of the small crevices that are hard for you to reach with just your fingers. Sometimes it’s not even possible for you to reach those areas with your fingers at all!


When you use compressed air, you’re able to clean out those hard-to-reach areas without damaging or scratching anything on your device.

This will make sure that no lint or dirt builds up in those areas, which could cause problems later down the road.


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Use a soft brush to gently remove any


You can use a soft brush to gently remove any dirt or dust that may be stuck in your speaker grills and that is causing sound distortion.


If you use cotton swabs to clean your phone’s speakers, you may end up pushing the debris further into the speaker holes, which will make the problem worse. A better idea is to use compressed air instead.


The following tips will help you know how to clean an iPhone speaker and restore sound quality.

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Use a toothpick or a SIM tray removal tool.


Toothpicks or a SIM tray removal tool are perfect for cleaning out the grime that accumulates in your iPhone speaker ports. You can use a toothpick to poke out the lint and dust. If you don’t have those tools on hand, try using a piece of tape to pull the lint out.



If you’re still having trouble, try turning up the volume on your device and playing a song. The vibrations can help dislodge any remaining gunk from the speakers.


Use a vacuum cleaner


Plug one end of your vacuum cleaner into an outlet, and then use the crevice attachment to gently suck away any dust or debris from inside the speaker grille. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, or else you could damage the speaker itself.


If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner handy, you can use a can of compressed air instead. You’ll need to hold it upright and spray it into the speaker grille while making sure not to touch any other parts of the device.


Make sure you’re careful when using compressed air near your phone—it’s easy to damage sensitive components if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Once you’ve cleaned out your iPhone speakers, they should work as intended without any issues. If they still don’t work, however, then it could be a sign of a more serious hardware issue.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Your iPhone Speakers for Better Sound Quality


Remove the iPhone case.

Silicone and plastic cases can be carefully washed with soap and water. If you have a leather case, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean it.


Use a small, soft-bristled brush.

Make sure the bristles are soft so they won’t scratch the speaker casing. Rub the brush gently in the area around the speaker grille to lift off dust and dirt particles.


Use A Vacuum Cleaner With A Soft Brush Attachment

Turn on your vacuum cleaner and slowly move the brush attachment over the speaker grille. You can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment if you have one.



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